Phonar Task 1

As a pre-task to starting Phonar I was asked to bring “a story of your journey to school”. I wasn’t sure how to start this so I decided to go on a trip along the route in which I take to try and influence me. Here I focused on what I saw along the way and the parts that are unique, interesting etc. but usually missed as like most people early in the morning, late at night or too absorbed in their social media devices end up missing as they don’t see the world around them.



While capturing these images I went about my journey of catching the bus into Birmingham City Centre, the train to Coventry and then the 20 minute walk so that I get to uni in time. My typical route through doing this made me realise how important time was as if we are controlled by it. Giving me the idea of basing my final images around time and how it controls us to an extent that we work to it and are constantly checking the clock.

IMG_1360-2IMG_1411 IMG_1422 IMG_1318 IMG_1351 IMG_1340


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