A Useful Resource

During my video tasks I was asked to use an archive site for footage. This led me onto thinking about what other pieces I could use in my video such as sound effects. So when I started looking I focused on what was unusual, not giving me much of hit I looked at experimental videos and was led to suggestions from a web page of useful items to include in imagery such as blood, money, bullets etc. Although it is not much help to my video during this module it is a useful resource for anyone who will need things like it or for any future videos I wish to create. Where then I can include these features into my work plus they resemble the pieces as well as have a experimental outlook to them.

Also of use could be the site that led me to them. A place of which holds suggestion so to find pieces that can help build on your video and knowledge of creating videos. As they say “In this post, we’ve rounded up the 20 of the best FREE stock video & B-Roll websites!”. It’s a way of making your imagery more interesting with possibilities you may not be able to try before hand due to not having the items for it available or wanting to have the items available.

Another good part on top of all this though is that they are free to use, so no worries about having to pay out for anything.


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