Video Mapping

Here I was introduced to video mapping where it is worked outso to control areas to do different things when using a projector. This is on a large scale and even a small home made scale easy for any one to do.

Focuses on the use of lighting in the dark. Uses projection and the object being moved like with a car being built.

Based around…

Transformation = creates a pin art effect.

Levitation= floating bubbles in the white space.

Intersection = impression of two pieces of would be put together.

Teleportation = Box is turned around and gives the outlook of time travel familiar to the opening credits of Dr Who.

Escape = Brings in a person (silhouette). Movement forms an act familiar to Houdini.


Silent building

Projection creates different scenes. Also includes sounds to accompany such as wind.

Ribbon and rubbish floating – wind sound

Ribbon breaks

Colour over building – high amount of sound.

Bright colours used.

Different floor – different happenings – colour associated

Building shaking

Person looking through the windows as child house

Building live and unlocked. Layer drop

H&m Amsterdam

This piece is based on the opening of H&M shop in Amsterdam. Portraying the coming to life of the place with high energy.  Where each floor is something different from clothes to kids toys. While the eye shows the unexpected so to keep the place fresh to show they are up to date with the latest trends.


Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase from The Theory on Vimeo.

Pocket projector uploaded with videos.

Runs across items.

Forms a chase through different rooms being portrayed as if it is happening in the room but from a desk, to a wall, to the floor, with sound being based on what you would hear. Only the features are only small like toy figures familiar to the toy story movies. So the small figures have to consider their surroundings of the normal sized room as a wet floor affects the action. Bringing the small action into the room itself and not just something being watched.


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