Sites available to be used

From a lecture we was given a list of suggestedsites to check out. These were:

HTML 5 Site = Zeega,

A hybrid option that brings many forms such as gifs, video etc together.

  • With this though you had to upload items to mash with others where as I was looking at creating my video in its entirity without bringing third party clips in.

HTML 5 + CSS Based = 3WDOC, Tumult Hype (includes timeline)


Creates a video simpily and doesn’t have to have the clips reconnected as they are uploaded before creation.

Video to demonstrate how the program is used for first use.

  • This was an interesting program for me to view and something that I would be interested in using. It’s form was also familiar to what I use of Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro so it was easy for me to get my head around it.Along with how you could alter the features in the display rather doing it in other pieces and waiting to see how it appers afterwards.

Tumult Hype

Have to pay to have the program after trial ends.

Simple layout.

Mac based. Found on App Store- easily accessible.

  • The use of Hype seems like something that could be easy to do and the use of oppacity would come in helpful on my video. Along with the gamiliar scene of the timeline. However, having to pay to use it at the moment would not be cost effective as I don’t make many videos.

Web Resources iDoc

Online based

Confusing layout

Free trial available but hard to work out how to use it.

Many sites that allowed for making the site better (as a plus) but meant many plugins (not so good).

  • This is a site based on being made better however it was quite confusing of how to use it from when I first started looking so I was put off trying it. This was enforced more by me even quetioning if i was looking at the right site due to the amount of links available via google.

Don’t use Flash

  • Flash is something I know how to use and found easy to do from secondary school. It semt quite fun to do but does not hold much effect to other than a computer game for the out come. It also does not have much of a good outcome either by the amount of times it has been pointed out during lectures do not use it.

Isadora tool ( can screen shot but can’t save the project) can get it saved if want (loan shop)

The main problem here was not being able to save the work.

Not much option for demonstration.

  • From the reading of its about it sounded like something that would be useful. However, without the demonstration it didn’t really interest me as I was not prepaired to create an account on something I was unsure about.

Max MSP – requires coding, MSP PD – simpler option

  • The MSP option is not something i’d consider at the moment as coding is not something I am a big fan of until I have a better understanding of it. It is though something I would like to try as the size of the creation looks appealing to me. As well as the 3D effect being possible through it. From viewing the two sites I also found that the Max MSP was much easier for me to visualize than the amount of text.

Penguin (allows google maps)

Hard to locate.

BBH Labsn (too complex for 1 minute piece)


Uses many cameras, with a particular crew on a trauler for 5 different weeks with about 50 hours of film in total. This gives an impression of the grand scale available.

Morzilla Popcorn

Can create a project easily but need software available to be up to date to use it.

Need an account to save project.

  • This program seems confusing to me dur to its simplicity, here you don’t have to do much to use it so there not much experimentation avaialble. As well as this you also need an up to date device with good internet for the site to be accessible. Which is not always available. However, the part that confused me was how as soon as I was on the site I could randomly click without paying attention and i’d be altering it’s features for a project. However, to save or share this after i’d have to create an account first which was not located so easily on my device.

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