Interesting Video – Stereophonics – We Share The Same Sun

An interesting video I watched recently is “We Share The Same Sun” by the “Stereophonics” a video based on a regular theme throughout their music videos for the album “Graffiti On The Train” of the band performing with orchestral music.
Within these though a narrative runs from a guy being left for dead on the beach and losing his life as he knows it in “In A Moment” to taking revenge until he meets someone that gives him hope, creating the happy ever after with a woman shown as a mermaid under the water in “Violins and Tambourines“. Leading into a video of the band playing into just the watery background in “Graffiti On The Train” that holds a colour contrast in the background. Which runs a rail way track throughout bringing in the video of “Indian Summer” with warm summery colours and flashes of sunlight. Encapsulated together into “We Share The Same Sun“.

The main video I focused on is of the band as they go back to being the main focus in the room that was once watery. Only this time the water is flashing colours that represents the light seen from the sun when passing at speed as it is diffused. Yet at the same time holding onto the watery aspects as you have scenes of just blue from the past videos. The use of energy from being soft or dramatic to now uplifting and fast paced. Something which grabs the attention on it’s own as it’s been held with cliff hangers up til now which is just a wash of bright colours that make you feel warm and think of the summer time. The simple set-up also gives the magical aspect to the video so to hold onto memories of happiness. This although does not hold much in it’s scenes to relate with it holds true as the scene is based on something of which you can recollect with.. summer time and the memories of enjoying it. So even while viewing it is familiar to anyone viewing it.



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