Structualist Film (Anti Narrative)

Focus – structural elements of film, colour, shape, repetition, screen space, soundscape.

Peter Gidal’s introductory essay to the Structural Film Anthology, Published by the BFi in 1976.

Structural/ Materialist film attempts to be non-illusionist. The process of the film’s making deals with devices that result in demystification or attempted demystification of the film process. But by ‘deals with’ I do not mean ‘represents’. In other words, such films do not document various film procedures, which would place them in the same category as films which transparently document a narrative, a set of actions, etc.

Related to visual language

Len Lye

One of few filmmakers working in inter-war Britain.

Established an international repetition

Sometimes seen as only genuine advent-garde photographer of the time.

Malcom Le Grice

8mm home movie footage.

Shot near Berlin.

Repeats cycles of action.

Temple manipulation

Colour distortion.

Hightens viewers awareness of the film- time and image.

Perception of colour in motion.


Stan Brakhage

Film should have a beginning, middle and end. Brakhage doesn’t believe in the order.

Goal = Liberation of the eye, creation of act of seeing unimagined and undefined by convention.

Doesn’t show conventional illusion.

Imposed by rules of perspective.

Compositional logic.

lenses grounded to achieve 19th-century compositional perspective”

Others that use this techniques…

Derek Jarman Screen Online

Rdical of British cinema in 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Work sustained self due to it focusing on amateur outlook.

Private lifestyle.

Experimental Film and Music

Michael Gondry – White Stripes

Gill Scott Heron -The Revoulution Will Not Be Televised

Christian Marclay – The Clock

Have a trance like state to watch it.











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