Dreamweaver Notes 3

Header -<Head>

Paragraph <P>

Unordered List <ul>

Links -bottom of page

New Html File –

Title –

Insert – Layout Object – Div Tag

Class – Obtainer (for multiple)

Insert – HTML – Text Object – H1 (in same Div Tag)

Add text

Insert – HTML – Paragraph – Text Object – (Outside the P)

Insert – HTML – Text Object – Unordered List

Insert – HTML – List Item – Text Object
Ad text for list

(HTML at bottom of page must be highlighted)
Add link = add me @ – or add a contact file instead

(Site – Manage Site – Edit = Pencil + Server)

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 14.39.16
Server Name = Anything

FTP Address = Email

Username and Password = Same


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