For my second task in Experimental Narrative I was asked to create another 20 second piece of audio. This time though it had to include an image or video from that did not have to link to the audio and could be with anything I wanted or the same piece as last weeks. For me I decided to do a fresh piece and create something using music.I also decided to go for the audio linking to the imagery so started with the imagery first. Where I found this video.

As this video was too large I looked for ways in which I could then shrink the video to be 20 seconds that would work consecutively through the use of Adobe Premiere Pro. Which gave me 20.3 seconds of imagery. Leading me to turn to my audio.

Here I used my itunes to find songs with interesting grungy sounds in them. Giving me clips from these two songs.

Which I sliced up and then merged together of how I wanted them to go so to fit the imagery and time. Followed by using effects for the sound in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro so to alter the speed and length. Plus adding an alteration to the volume, delay and echo, special – Guitar suite. When I was happy with these aspects I went back to the imagery and added Effect – Presets of Mosaic, Solarize and Twirl In. Giving me my final imagery. This is my final video.


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