Bill Viola – The Reflecting Pool

In this experimental video, you see a man walking up to a pool which is centered and split into two for framing. The bottom half of which is based on the moving water in the pool which is represented in the sound. While the top half is based on the trees and where the man is stood. This then turns to be that when the man jumps into the pool, the imagery becomes half moving and half stop motion. Added with colour while the man fades into the trees before you see two shadows walking round representing time until finally climbing out the pool with no clothes on. This is something new to me as I have never seen a video like it before with such a simplistic outlook but a video that keeps you interested as you have expectations of what will happen next but instead from the techniques used, the next step is changed to make it something that is unexpected. From this the viewer doesn’t really know what will happen next. This I also find to have an extra interest as the video is also created from just the one position and kept in that place throughout the whole of the video. However, the video does still hold questions of who are the extra shadows involved in the imagery.



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