Creating My Website 2

From this being my first website that I had created and knowing that others who had used the same hosting site as me had been charged more than once for the one hosting name I was nervous to select for any options. So when I was asked to activate my account for it to process my transaction I decided to leave it to asking whether it was OK to go ahead or not from my lecturer. Luckily it was correct! Due to this I ended up being steps behind everyone else from the steps that had been gone through before so now for getting up to date.

After selecting to install wordpress from my cpanel. I had my account. Here I altered a few things.

  • Admin (The default username for account)
  • General –  Title and Tagline.

While in the CPanel.

  • To use a director you create a new folder.
  • WordPress is a separate folder called wp.

To organize the files.

  • public_html – The public can see. Contains web pages.
  • inside wp – All wordpress instillation items and cgi bin folder. (Don’t need to use cgi bin folder).

  WordPress instillation items are php files. These have different coding to dreamweaver which means the pages aren’t static.


So that my site had a response to the public and an advertising while being down I created a new html page in dreamweaver. Saying

“This site is under construction. Click here to visit the blog”.

While holding a link to the blog in the target. A html picture was uploaded and saved in the folder index under public_html. With the notes of no spaces or capital letters. 

However, even though I followed these steps it did not work. Instead I got this.

Screenshot 2014-01-19 21.19.52

This I found out to be due to the fact I called it underconstruction.html rather than index.html.

Naming it as Index gave me the proper page I wanted.

Screenshot 2014-01-19 21.30.31


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