A level Playing Field Lecture (Knowledge is Power)

Following on from the last lecture, this week there was a lecture based on how information is used.

In context any information has always been a part of politics, no matter how it is considered. Back in the time of the war it was from propaganda as Hitler used imagery as being friendly leader fighting for his country, encouraging the people to move forward to a aryan society where the country had the perfect race. While the British used the same technique to encourage people to fight in the war for them.

With this image the innocence of a young happy girl gives a safe feel to the country, she is partnered with flowers to encourage growth. She is also dressed smartly in the clothing Hitler enforces for his people and holding a charity can with a swat sticker on. In tern giving a view of a charity supported helping out her country of which the girl is representing Germany with the flowering beauty from the up and coming growth formed through the countries finances. While in reality the country is in recession and being destroyed by war, however by the strength of the imagery the people are lead to believe differently.

In comparison to nowadays everything is controlled including what is on tv or in the newspapers so to link in with politics. Enforce the thoughts of those in charge of the country with freedom of speech. Showing how the government are doing well when trying to be in power for another term. As an example a program called “Benefits Street” looking to show how some people on benefits take advantage when benefits are being cut by the government.

How People Respond 

From this people respond with rebellion through protests to say no, however while people walk in support of their beliefs they get their faces captured in sharp detail from a far distance without knowing so to document in case the protest turns rough. This is through Gateway Recognition alongside this people are believed to be identified through how they walk.

While conspiracy theorists claim that people with power are able to take information without our knowledge and cover up their actions, these were once dismissed. Even though when using the internet if viewing a shopping item on a website, the item will later be advertised until the cookies are removed yet many decide not to as it is inconvenient meaning until then their online activity is registered.

Until people like Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning raised the alarm with acts such as wikileaks to raise the illegal actions leading to them being imprisoned for life or seeking refuge in a different country. Enforcing the control held by the government. On the other hand the activists such as the yes men confront by pretending to be a member of the group they are against and admitting guilt for the actions through large media formats duping the information that is becoming easier to do.

As shown with Kim Jong Un’s images of his uncle being removed from pictures so to remove his existence.

From this the media are starting to ploy an honesty tactic more by using amateur records as they are able to reach areas that sometimes the media can’t. As the media are banned by some places so the happenings don’t become leaked. From this feel of being captured there and then it is seen to be more honest by the viewer so is trusted more. However, this imagery isn’t as honest as believed due to viral videos, lkie with the Miley Cyrus twerking video, an honest recording of another girl following the fad and twerking in her house but is caught on fire during that becomes a media frenzy seen by many only to become a set-up and not true.

In comparison with Mashables, a media company where information is becoming more social media friendly as it makes up information that many especially conspiracy theorists, believe and publicize it resembling common media outlets so people are fooled into believing it is true.


From this I feel there is pro’s and con’s on either side. As we know everything we do including our latest location due to gps tracking in our phones etc. is being watched. It isn’t really hidden from the people. Whether it should be or not, is hard to decide as with gps if it isn’t tracked and someone goes missing their last location before going missing is known. If a crime is committed then it’s easier to identify the culprits but why cover it up? On the other hand innocent people’s identity is being captured also just for speaking out about what they believe in. Along with forces such as the government trying to mislead for the power or using their power to get the set impression they want. Due to people and organisation such as wikileaks, we at least have an idea about how deep this goes and the forces at bay or the ones running the country are out to stop it publicly. We know how much dishonesty is used and surely that knowledge is a good thing. Yet do we really need to have sites such as shopping for shoes or the monthly shop being watched by many networks or the government, in my opinion, no, that is just taking advantage of the tools available to them.


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