Task 2 – Illusion, Trickery and Propaganda

The second task consisted of.. Finding one (or more) Internet hoaxes or touched up photos (political or advertising). Discuss, in your groups:

  1. Who made it?

  2. What is its purpose?

  3. Does it succeed?

  4. How was it made?

Banned L’Oreal Advert


This image was created by L’Oreal so to advertise the affect a product could have on someone to enforce beauty. In which the image does enforce the ideal look that is wanted by people. However, the desired affect created in the image is said to be to artificial due to there being too much airbrushing being used through Photoshop after the image was captured. Leading the image to being banned.

Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips, “Photo Op”  (2005).



While with this image by Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips, the position is of it being a political view that many had about the role of Tony Blair in war. Where his role is claimed as being more of “I was there” rather than to help or stop what was said to be happening. Due to this the image, created through photo montage, does work as it encapsulates what many people was saying leading to it being described by The Guardian as “the definitive work of art about the Iraq war”.


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