Task 1 – The Interface

For my first task we was in groups where we had to consider a range of website for:

-Accessible (How easy is it to use the website for anyone)

-Find-ability (How easy is it to find)

-Usability (How easy is it to navigate)


Website 1 – Tim Walker

-This site was the first when searched for on Google and was able to be located on Facebook. Large scale and sound not available for disabled people. 

-The name is quite common so there were many suggestions on Twitter.

-It is easily set out with in the galleries and is easy to navigate. However, becomes tedious when having to click off each image as you can’t navigate across from one to the other without going back to the main gallery.


Website 2 – Rankin

-It is the first suggestion in Google and can be accessed on portable devices including phones. Also has sites including his Facebook and Twitter connected to his website. Has a mixture of small and large writing, small writing won’t be visible for partially blind but can be easily navigated by people who don’t use technology much.

-Rankin can be easily found on Facebook and Twitter through both his site and on social media due to popularity.His work is also located on Youtube along with a behind the scenes for many of his shoots.

-Can be easily navigated even with many options to travel through being available. Images are easy to travel through in both thumbnail and large scale. The site also has a  mailing list that springs up many times when trying to navigate the site that can be annoying. 


Website 3 – Martin Parr


-The site only has a link to his blog from his website.Many sites including Magnum is linked to Martin Parr but they are not connected to his site but do come up as main suggestions on a Google search.

-Social networking presence isn’t as high as with other photographers but is a main suggestion on Google. 

-Icons are used instead of text as a quirky feel but you do have to scroll over each to work out which icon is for what feature. It is  easy to read the site as the text is able to be enlarged when reading it. Main information including images is also found on one page, first page while the added information are based through the icons. With film, sound is available but for text it isn’t.


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