Creating My Website – Introduction To Domain

For this module I have been asked to buy a domain name with service space. Two things to consider.

1. My domain must be OR (other names and suffixes should be discussed with the tutor).

2. Hosting should be 500MB, have at least one MSQL database, PHP 5 and a secure control panel.

This means that…

  • Disk space – How much space is available to use.
  • Monthly Bandwidth – Total amount able to be transferred from the server to the audience.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – What is used to upload tot he server.
  • My SQL / SQL / Database – A group of tables that contain Data that easily populate websites with instructions.
  • Domain name – part of a network address that shows it belongs to a certain website. 
  • Hosting – A site connected to the internet on a computer that holds information
  • PHP 5 – Server scripted text designed for web development and is also used as a general programming language. 
  • Control Panel – An interface site that is supplied by a hosting website for managing any hosting sites in one area.

From this we was given a range of website suggestions with hosting packages on them.

Vidahost. £17 a year paid straight away. For 500gb of server space, easily used control panel and allows plugins including wordpress.

Visen. £45 a year, suggested by lecturer. £10.45 a year for the domain name but does not have industry standard control panel. 

GoDaddy £2.99 a month as direct debit but gets hacked a lot.
1&1 £2.99 (usually £4.99) a month allows plugins such as wordpress.

123-reg £2.49 a month + vat. Has cloud hosting, 1GB disk space and 10 sub-domains.

From this I decided to go for vidahost as it would be cheaper that the other suggestions including the first suggestion of visen. Also because of this reason it was most popular within the class meaning it would be the main option focused on during lectures. It also only used one payment instead of a monthly amount meaning it was easier to pay for as it was all done in one lump sum and had all the tools that is required for the module.

From this I got the domain name



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