While coming up with my idea I just felt as though with this I wanted to form my work into a book. For this I looked at books with different layout.

First I started with Robert Franks – The Americans

In this book the images are split between two pages on one side (the right) you have the text and on the other (the left) you have the images. The images are a full A4 with a narrow white border at the top, bottom and the outside on the right. One the inside side you have the image running into the binding. While on the left page where you have the text, the text is based at the bottom as a one line piece of text. That gives detail about the image being based on a title. This is also on a white background, like the border and has small writing. The white paper also contrasts with the images and text which are all in black and white.


Another book I looked at was Steve McCurry – South, Southeast

With this book by Steve McCurry it is based in three different layouts. The book is landscape A3 size. It consists of images being placed on the right side with the text centered in the middle of the page on the left. While for portrait, they are set so the book is portrait with the text center in the middle of that page. This is throughout the book except for on the first page for the text about the book where the text is located as landscape at the bottom of the page. The images also have a white border around them, which is twice the size at the top and bottom as to the border on the side. The text with this is also only based on the place and year captured.

From my essay I looked at the outline of the Cardiff After Dark project by Maciej Dakowitz whose style of book I found interesting.

For this book the images were all based as landscape images. Here though the images were split between two styles of either two images set with a large white border with the text in black aligned left otherwise on a page of their own with a blank black page on the left and a full page image on the right. While the text was aligned in the same place but is white instead. The change of image types depends on how much of a focus is in the image as if the focus is the only part of the image then it is on a larger page to make it stand out as the focus is clear. While with the images that have extra context they are made smaller so to make you look in closer.

Finally I also looked at doing my book as a pdf through MagCloud.

Here I can have a book visually available where ever I am and create it simply myself from start to the end with control with the final look to it. Through this way I am also able to have my book as a presentation also so to covers more than one publicizing style.


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