Presentation Ideas

For my layout I have come up with a range of 5 different ideas due to my research. With these I considered what was the most important to show, so that they were the main focus in the size. These are my ideas.

IMG_9821 IMG_9822 IMG_9823

Out of this I have decided to go for the second option this is due to it being the neatest which represents a good tidy theme for the images. Alongside the fact that they are the same size and alongside each other also makes them easier to compare. So to see the way in which and area like Hillfields is publicized in comparison with how the area actually looks and is to people who live in that area. The layout also gives the impression of what my images would look like if they stood alone on their own instead of in a diptych, so to look as if each image has been framed with a white border.


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