Final Product

Finally I had a final product that I uploaded to MagCloud.

This is my final book. site specific book editted.

This is my magcloud version.

In this book I have laid out the images in an order that runs consecutively through the theme of all my images being landscape with a white border around them. So to give a framed affect, as this is something that I felt worked effectively in my research. I also preferred the idea of all the images having the same layout as it made it look neater and the viewer would spend more time viewing it than they would if they had to keep turning the book round each time.

As for the order of the images I chose to look at the order of my images. Starting off with a regular scene that you see in many places. Followed by what can cause it like drink. Making me focus on the anti social behavior. Followed up by what is afterwards and how it is tried to be solved so to show this has admittedly happened but not like it recently. Before finally looking at how the area has come to be more of a contradiction to it’s stereotype. On top of this the images are also based as the archived images being of the right for how it is seen, so they are the first image to look at when viewing them when giving a timeline order. However, when you turn the page to view the images that is not the impression you get from the area like any other.

As for the text I feel is is best located at the bottom as it was in the Robert Frank, The Americans photobook as this gives more of an exhibited feel to the image. As I feel my images may also work as an exhibited piece but maybe in a larger collection and not just based on this project.

For this piece I decided I want to keep my book as a digital piece as I feel it could be part of a larger piece as a suggestion made to me when speaking to my lecturer was that I could compare it to my area. Although I felt I wanted to keep this project based in Hillfields due to it being the area I was looking at and I could add extra features such as the home in the community into the project also. Over all I am happy with my final product as it represents my idea of showing that there is good in a bad area and that a bad area is in fact the same as anywhere else. Not some where to avoid but I also feel that this project has a future of being part of a bigger project.


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