Extra Research – Another Idea I Had

From my music and photography interests I came up with the idea of incorporating two scenes together. This is something that I had seen in Gregory Crewdson‘s work.

Here in his series Brief Encounters he looks at sleep problems and incorporate it with behavior people may take up such as gardening when sleep walking. Through this he incorporates a garden into his images which are set in someone’s home so it becomes a garden and a bedroom, kitchen etc at once.

However, I wanted mine to be based on an estate so that was the backdrop then the home furnishings would be placed inside the area. This made me think of Stereophonics, Keep Calm and Carry On album booklet.


In this the band are situated in a coastal area and in the ocean itself here they are sat in the water around a table familiar to a small cafe as well as sat around a table, watching TV that is familiar to a home or dressing room. This is to show how the band travel to all different places throughout the world and could be situated anywhere yet where ever they go they make themselves feel at home. By watching certain TV programs or having other interests such as their other bands work with them. (Shown through the front of the radio there is a red, black and white piece familiar to that of the back of Adam Zindani’s band Casino‘s album).

This is how I imagine my imagery turning out however instead of being in a coastal area it will be based in a council estate with the images of actual furniture from my home being photo-shopped in so to merge two images to create one. Making it a room of a house is located inside the estate. Showing the rough side of the estate but how it is people’s homes.


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