For my assignment I was asked to create a piece of site specific work based around a map. To be shown through a range of images that held interest to me. For this I chose map 15 and looked at the area of Hillfields, a local Council Estate. This interested me as I was able to relate to it from growing up. For this I decided to look at how the area is stereotyped, through publicity so to get a reputation. Then question how correct this was by comparing it to how the place was when visiting it.

For this I used my Canon 1000D as it was smaller so easier to hide when in the area, followed up with editing the colour and grungy feel known in the area. I decided to not make many changes to keep it honest as it was depicting the area. Finally forming them into a book that held the media’s version alongside my version to draw comparison, creating a diptych..

I liked this project as I felt it was free, being based on what I wanted to do not a set style. I also liked that I was taken out of my comfort zone by working in an area that was unknown to me. However, the part that I disliked was when doing my research I felt put off as it felt  dangerous and the idea of going to the area was worrying. However, I found that the area was not as bad and I enjoyed it.

The only parts I would change of my outcome is in finding better quality archived images. Along with organize my time as the freedom meant other options were put in front. Finally I would think harder about my ideas so to hone in on them so that they were clear when expressing them.


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