History of Coventry

Coventry City Council (2013) Local History and Archives [website]
Lambert, Tim (2013) A History of Coventry by Tim Lambert [website]

Youtube (1981) Ghost Town by The Specials [music video]

Coventry City Council (undated) Welcome to Coventry Mini Guide and Fold Out Map of the City [leaflet]

Google (2013) Google Maps [website]


History of HillFields

Coventry Observer Newspaper (2013) Coventry Observer [website and newspaper]

Google Search Engine (undated) Google [website]

Coventry Society (2013) Hillfields [website]

Artist Research

Demoix (2013) Hygate Estate a Starkest Examples of Post-War Urban Decay In London by Velar Grant [Image-sharing site]

Noupe (2010) 50 Stunning Examples of Urban Decay by Aquil Akhte [blogging site] r

Fenton, Steve (2008-2013) Urban Decay and Graffiti [website]

Deviant Art (2009) Urban Decay -04 by Scotto [Image-sharing site]

Flickr(2010)Urban Decay 5/52 by Smarthair (on the bike) [Image-sharing site]

Photo Ready (2007) Abandoned Building by unknown [Image-sharing site]

Found Images

Coventry Telegraph (23rd June 2011) Council Wages War As People Dump Rubbish in Coventry Streets [Online and Newspaper]

Coventry Telegraph (23rd April 2012) Coventry Launches Alcohol Awareness Campaign to Cut Harmful Home Drinking [Online and Newspaper]

Coventry Telegraph (16th May 2013) Illegal Pool Hall From Hell in Hillfields is Finally Snookered [Online and Nespaper]

Coventry Telegraph (31st October 2012) UPDATE WITH PICTURES: Arsonists Torch New Coventry Hillfields Restuarant Week Before Due to Open [Online and Newspaper]

Coventry Telegraph (4th October 2013) Video: Cops Renew Call For Help To Track Down Driver Involved In Horrified
Hillfields Hit and Run Captured on CCTV [Online and Newspaper]
Coventry Telegraph (6th October 2006) Tackling The Seedy World of Vice [Online and Newspaper]

Coventry Telegrph (4th April 2013) Coventry Man Banned from Every Library in The City [Online and Newspaper]

Coventry Observer (16th August 2013) Sickening Attack on Coventry Pensioner by Steve Carpenter [Online and

BBC News (25th September 2007) Fire At City School is Suspicious [Online and Television]

McGeechan, Andrew (7th May 2013) Hillfields Shops, Coventry, May 2013 [Online]

Coventry Telegraph (October 2013) Paul Stacey House, in Bath Street, Coventry, where a man fell from the third floor [Online and Newspaper]


The Photobook  (1st October 2008) Robert Frank The Americans [Online]

Frank, Robert (9th June 2008) The Americans [Book] Steidl, Düstere Straße 4 – D-37073 Göttingen

Manns, Thomas & Company (undated) South Southeast by Steve McCurry [Online]

McCurry, Steve (31st August 2000) South Southeast [book] Phaidon Press, Ltd. (London, New York)

McCurry, Steve (2012-2013) Steve McCurry [Online]

Dakowitz, Maciej (2012) Cardiff After Dark [Online and book]

Dakowitz, Maciej (October 2012)Cardiff After Dark [book] Thames & Hudson (London)

hp MagCloud (2007 – 2013) MagCloud [website and book]

Extre Research

Crewdson, Gregory (2013) Brief Encounters by Gregory Crewdson [website]

Casino (2008) Spider Simpson Incident by Casino [website and album]

Stereophonics (2010) Keep Calm and Carry On by Stereophonics [website and album booklet]


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