The Shoot – Site Specific

On Friday I did my shoot in Hillfields, based on the area of the map. For this I used my Canon 1000D. I was quite nervous about the area due to it being somewhere I thought I was not aware of from going by the map. However, when visiting the area I knew quite a bit of it from frequenting the area last year when in uni. This made me feel more relaxed and as the time went on I saw people speed past who was on bikes, had people speak to me trying to get their picture taken. Yet at no time did I feel scared or uncomfortable instead I found the people were quite friendly and even though some asked what myself and Kerrie was doing the area wasn’t intimidating as it is shown to be by the media. So much so I even felt comfortable with having my camera out in public.

This is the images that I captured from my shoot.

hillfields shoot

Out of my range of images I narrowed it down to these images to select from for my final ones.

IMG_0024 IMG_0048 IMG_0053 IMG_0059 IMG_0079 IMG_0094 IMG_0113 IMG_0124 IMG_0133 IMG_0140 IMG_0186 IMG_0191 IMG_0210 IMG_0213 IMG_0238 IMG_0262 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0321


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