Research Impact

From my range of images though I found that when viewing them my research was key. This was due to it making the area familiar to me so that I knew where I was going. The use of colour and simplicity of the content was also clear as instead of my images becoming highly grungy it instead had a high saturation as many images in my research did. Although they did also include a grungy look alongside this. On top of this my research also meant that I knew what I wanted to capture in my images as to create the diptych I had to have select images that was of the same basis as the found images.  The main part that my research that affected me though was the fact I was nervous going to the area as it was said to be dangerous and I thought I would be a prime target due to the fact i’d have my camera with me. However, instead I found that I had no problems with walking around the area with my camera on show and the only responses I got about it was based on take my picture, take their picture or asking what I was doing.


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