Hillfields was founded in 1828 after the first suburb after the walls were taken down and the city expanded over it’s boundaries. Before hand it was known as Harnall. It was seen as being an important area for the industry at the time. As it was home to the weaving, bicycle, motorcycle and car manufacturing. In later years the majority of 2000 homes built between 1841 and 1861 known as the ribbon weaver’s new home. Here the standard of living was high and it became the upper class of living and of weavers. Over time it has also been home to Coventry City Football Club along with 20 different car manufacturers locating there making the area industrial and a main target during the air raids. From this new homes were built but a decade later they were declared as being unfit to live in. In return tower blocks were built to home people and new homes were built. In recent years these homes have been repaired and up til now the area still stands as being disadvantaged area.


However, if you search for information on Hillfields nowadays along with past archives the main thing you see is the main impression of the area also. As shown by the search terms available.

hillfields search


This is enforced by the local newspapers when searching for happenings in Hillfields in the media, I was greeted with this.
hillfields search2 This I believe is where the main impression of the area comes from as people read about the bad happenings and amount of crime in the area. So when they look at the area or consider the area they are of the opinion that the area is terrible as it’s all they hear and read about the place.




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