Final Images

Afterwards I had my final images from this.


In this image I focused mainly on the graffiti as it was a building that stood out due to being covered in it. However, due to where it was located the place was hidden and the only piece that littered the area was the fallen leaves. The graffiti though did not mess up the area but instead added to it being welcoming due to the words written on it.


In this image I focused on the friendly chat of two people who were parting ways at the corner of Wellington Street. Except for that the road is empty with the exception of passers by. Showing that prostitutes do not stand on the road all the time as what Hillfields is known for. Instead it is just a typical road like any other.


Where as in this image I captured an image of a guy who wanted his image captured. This I feel showed the response of the way people reacted to someone walking around with a camera. Showing more of a friendly approach as compared to the hostile approach usually shown.


A common scene shown in many areas is the use of too much alcohol. This is usually followed by rubbish being on the floor from the takeaways following, sick from to many people drinking. However, in this image there is no sign of the drinking that happens inside the place the night before or the other nights before that. The image contradicts the known scene shown.


In this image you see a common image shown for a council estate with the open area, a tower block in the back and a group of kids outside a shop. In this though they headed into the shop to do shopping and then headed off. Not hung around scaring the elder generations.


Something else for the area is that it is always represented that a rundown area has little hope of doing well with education. With this the education banner shows this is not always correct.


Also high for the area is that of speeding, a place that is seen as a dangerous area for crossing the road. Yet here the road sign asks for a reasonable amount of driving and emphasizes that there is a high amount of bikes in the area and although there are quite a few cars. The amount of bikes are also high.


This also shows the aspect of a fire that happened and the remains but at the same time it is hidden at the top of the wall looking as if it is part of the affect of dirt but also portraying the history that is involved in. Replication the area where the items caught in the fire lay yet how they are not there now.

IMG_0321 Finally showing the rubbish in the area that is expected, what is seen of rundown and rubbish everywhere. Instead here you get an elegant look to the area, a council area but is neat and tidy not the litter everywhere as expected.


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