After photographing I found that my images were to saturated to how I wanted them to be as even though I wanted the area to be shown in a good light through my images. The area was undeniably still grungy due to this I decided to lower the amount of colour. I did this by using the adjustments so to lower the brightness and heighten the darkness of the colour. While making the colours work well with each other.


Next I altered the levels through moving the arrows so that they were inline with the graph. However, with some I also moved them further in so to give the image extra darkness.


Afterwards I used the curves graph so to alter how I wanted the darkness fell on the image so to make it most effective in my images. Here the alterations meant the darkness was made extra dark while the light area was made to be perfect white but with how I altered it meant I could still include the grungy feel.



Finally I selected areas that I didn’t want in the image and content aware-ed them through edit and fill. This was mainly due to Kerrie being caught in the background and her camera was clear.

ii 00000

This gave me my final images.


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