Change of Direction – My Idea

From speaking with my lecturer, Caroline Molloy, I found that my idea for my brief was a possible option to go down. However, the part that I needed to work on was making the work my own by having a more personal piece involved in it. This was suggested to me by comparing the area I live in with Hillfields as both are council estates with a bad reputation.

From this I decided to think about my research which made me think again about the way people respond to an area going by what they hear in the media or by word of mouth. This was in comparison with what people’s reactions were when saying I was going to the area as the regular responses were “rather you than me”, “you’ll get attacked going there” and to “be aware of the prostitutes, druggies and nutters”. This resonated with me for how my area had got bad publicity when I was younger due to it having the same repetition as Hillfields. Yet to me I never saw the danger, I didn’t feel scared as this was the area I lived in, the only area I knew – yes there were some characters that many would keep the distance from but they weren’t anything to be afraid of. This gave me the idea to show how the area is in fact not as bad as it is said to be, there is a beauty to the place also and that the majority of the time it is in fact a quiet place.

My Idea

So in conclusion my idea is to find images that represents the said belief of how bad Hillfields is – this will be mainly from media outlets especially the newspaper. Then using my map I am going to walk round the area with my camera and capture images that question how correct the stereotype of the area is. Showing the way the area is seen from the perspective of someone who is use to an area like it.


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