250mc Artist Research

On top of searching for information online for Coventry I decided to do an off the cuff look in images this introduced me to George Shaw‘s work based on Coventry, his home town. This was perfect to my brief in my opinion, it linked in with my interests easily. Enforcing the lyrics to the song, showing urban documentary and street art all in one project. It also introduced me to the features of Coventry so to know what to look for.

This lead me on to looking for more imagery that was based on urban decay and scenes found in regular estates. Where I came up with imagery such as this one by Velar Grant. An image created when out and about in local areas to them. It stood out to me due to it being of a skate park and an interesting scene that I am use to seeing. This I thought linked in well with the previous piece. I also thought it looked as beautiful as the previous piece. Enforcing my idea of wanting to use a cinematic style that was consistent between the two pieces and making the images have a beauty to an area where not much beauty is seen. As well as enforcing the colours while keeping the images dull at the same time.

I also found this imagery on DeviantArt by Scotto which linked in with more of my interest of seeing beauty in street art. The vibrant colours mixed in with a dull surrounding. These images themselves feel as if they go well with each other like they are creating a set – a set of ideas in my mind of what I wanted to capture when shooting. This also changed my idea a bit, not only do I now feel that I want to capture my imagery with vibrant cinematic colour but linking it with the deterioration by de-saturating the majority of the surroundings. So only having the main features in colour giving a dull but bright feel seen to the environment.

Afterwards I decided to focus on scenes that are seen as being stereotypical to estates, so to give me ideas of what else I could shoot here I found this image by Steve Fenton. On this image I like the natural darkness and light that is created, the innocence to the image and the unknown of what is happening with the person – are they out jogging or are they running because they have done something bad. Yet at the same time they are running toward the light as if it is bringing them towards hope… a future. In this imagery I don’t think the black and white aspect fit’s so well with my idea yet the enforce of darkness I think works well. The idea of where it is based and the set-up would go well. If in colour it would enforce the graffiti and the run down aspect more so should be an idea of something for me to consider with my imagery if I come across any locations like this.

Finally I saw this image on Flicker by Smarthaironabike, like the other artists their work was also based on walking around their local area (i’m guessing this explains my interest of urban decay – the growing up on an estate makes you see beauty in rundown areas). Anyhow the image I found to be interesting due to the rundown look it had. This was enforced more by the explanation given
“A little cycle around my town today soon reveals signs of decay. This is South Henry Street with half of the business’s closed down and the others soon fall into disrepair and start to look unsightly. Also you can see where the utility companies have been and not bothered to relay the cobblestone road back..”

This makes you realize it is a shopping area in a state of disarray from businesses around them closing which links my theme not only to Coventry in the past, especially the 80’s song but also to society anywhere today in many areas especially in the U.K. at the moment.


On top of my research I also found this website! This was based on a range of 50 images that had been put together as a list of beautiful imagery showing decay. These images I feel are inspiration and can encourage thoughts for other photography projects but also give ideas of what else you can capture and ways you can capture them. This gave me a starting basis to having an eagle’e eye when I go and do my shoot as it makes me consider smaller detail that I may not think of before hand.




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