Creative Writing Homework

As everything falls around me, I see my life and everything I love disappear in moments… I think what would I take with me, looking, considering. What is the most important to me? My memories and future are. With my mind adjusting to survival I reach for my bag containing my phone and money. However, my thoughts of my memories take over. Recounting the times in the past of near to no images being available to speak of I decide to save my possessions. Knowing my items are close to my heart they are possible to reach! Picking up my sentimental features sat next to me, jewellery and teddies from family no longer here. My pictures documenting my past reminding me of where I come from, what I love. Viewing the smoky outline of my music from influential loved ones; encouraging me to step into the unknown. Telling me to go further than the limit in life. They are the good times I want to keep. In turn protecting the features that help me through the bad and makes me happy, what I am. Making me stronger so long as I have the features connected to the people I love I know I will be fine.


For my project I decided to focus on looking at the idea of just my items. What I would see when responding to being able to take items with me. On their own there is no narrative or surrounding but with the text the images fit. The reason for their being no narrative through my images is because I feel my thought would have a “tunnel vision” style having in ind what is happening but only focusing on the items that I want to save. My precious items. With a majority of the images they are also dark, having a added affect to them. This is due to me adding a dark layer over the images so to form the impression of smoke adding to what would be seen at the time.


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