Library of Birmingham – Researching beyond Google

For a task of researching beyond Google we was given the option in groups of coming up with research about the New Birminghm Library.

Here we had to cover the options of:

Who built the library?

Why did they chose the design they went for?

What was Birmingham public responses to it?


Who built the library?

From looking at the BBC News, we found that the library was created by a Dutch designer called Francine Houben and opened 3rd Septemeber 2013. It is located in Centenary Square. 

Why did they chose the design they went for?

The reason why they went for the design they did is because they felt as Mr Whitby said: “With their creativity, vision, experience and international pedigree, I believe Mecanoo are the perfect choice to help us deliver an innovative world-class building, which the people of Birmingham can be truly proud of.” While Francine Houben thought was of “It’s not only an academic, abstract, beautiful building, but I really want to make it a people’s palace. That’s my dream.”

What was Birmingham public responses to it?

From looking on twitter we found people’s responses of 

“First impression of the Library of Birmingham is that it is an impressive space managing to combine grand with intimate”. by Steve Chambers

“Hate the outside of the library of Birmingham but the inside looks so good” by Talent Gukwe.

“I wish I could live in the Shakespeare Memorial Room!! It’s amazing! 😍 @ The Library of Birmingham” by Karissa Coley

Showing that some people like the over all look however some are of the opinion they don’t like the outside. Yet when you enter inside you easily forget about the outside and starting loving the place a great deal.


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