Creative Writing

As a tool to help make her photography stronger we have been given Creative Writing lectures also to co-inside with them. This was started with a 4 minute writing task of an image by Edward Hopper, called Morning Sun. At the time though I did not know the title.

Here I interpreted the image as the woman is the focus of attention as she is centered in the image. She is sat dividing the image in two halves but split between the rule of thirds. The one third is the window. While the half the two thirds is split into is in contrast. One side is light and has a warmth with a whiteness a sense of good created through the light throughout the window. While the other has a dark side,shadow from where the light doesn’t reach due to it’s location. The colours tough are mainly warm, with the woman say wearing pink, the soft tones of her skin, the yellows and oranges of the brick work. Yet at the same time there is coldness from the mixtures of blue tones and the black blind. This is added with the bareness from the room of which the woman is located in, with no sentimental value only plain walls – the room is minimal and has a feel of a sort of prison. The woman herself is sat looking out of the window with a sense of watching over what is happening outside, where she can see the rooftops that surround her. or is sat wasting time just gazing on the happenings around her as I tend to do at times.


This lead on to then asking us questions of how much do we know about what something about and although people tend to know people well. Do they? Do we even know ourselves? As unless we are faced with a situation do we really know how we would act would we fight or take flight for instance. Questioning how can we know someone else, when really do we know ourselves?

Giving the task of writing five burning questions that we’d like the answers to.

  1. What is the reason of life and how do we know we are fulfilling it?
  2. How is it so many things are invented yet the main things wanted do not exist yet?
  3. What does my future hold?
  4. Will I accomplish what I want?
  5. How do I even know if the things I want are what I want and not just a fad of the time?

The questions of which are all different to each person we had no limits just had to look at ourselves and write what we thought. The questions in themselves told us what is important to the person in particular. What they have on their mind and how they look a life – is it more generalized, is it about others, is it about themselves?

Leading on to a list of ten words that are most important to us and whether they are personal or global. Personal being something intimate and in oneself. While global is something taken from the world. For this mine are:

  1. Understanding – Global
  2. Belonging – Personal
  3. Music – Global
  4. Adventure – Global
  5. Happiness – Personal
  6. Curiosity – Personal
  7. Atmosphere – Global
  8. Loved ones – Personal
  9. Adrenalin – Global
  10. Future – Personal

Showing that my words are based on a mixture of both a sense of being personally happy with myself to make my life whole however I also need the global interaction to balance it out. So that I can have a sense of living my life.

From this I then took three of the words as the three main words that are important to me.

  1. Loved ones
  2. Happiness
  3. Future

These words created my homework.



Create a 200 word text/ story poem based on if everything was to change in your life say through a fire and you could only take a few things what would they be?

Alongside this create a series of images that fit with the text.


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