Locate Books, Journals, Articles etc

Living in the age of technology where everything is readily available on the internet makes it easy to become complacent. Nowadays no once really considers a book or even venturing to the library as much. If you want news you have online newspapers for the details otherwise news feeds or trends to keep you up to date. If not that then there’s television or radio at hand… as it is society has become lazy and have everything they need at the touch of a few buttons. So why bother with a book, magazine, journal etc? Something you will have to venture out of your way to go and pick up, then holding a weighty object, consuming extra time flipping through each page.

This is something that was tackled last year and just this week, tackled again. “Does anyone know what a book is?” a regular question that I have heard through my education since the cross over from physical to technical. The answer is yes, we all know what a book is or at least you would hope but do we use them? is the question. For me yes I do, not as much as I should but still the option is sometimes. Mainly through story books from being read to or encouraged to read for educational purposes when young meaning we just carry on but get better quality books for our knowledge as we age.

Over time this lead on to “Who has heard of a journal?”, the answer is yes yet again although not so much, as the popular book, something to encourage the imagination or a glossy magazine with this weeks trends in it. In fact I knew what one was but I had never used it. From this I decided if I want to do well, want to broaden my knowledge, get the best outcome I can for my work then I should try it. So just like my course wants us to do I tackled the database to find a journal and few books based on my subjects. For both music photography and Hillfields area in Coventry.

Logging on to locate at my university librarylocate I started my search by typing in the key terms and did a simple search. This gave me a large range of medias to view but was still a large amount to go through.

locate searched

So I narrowed down the search by using an advanced search. Where I choose key

information and looked at key medias like books, journals etc. This shortened my list dramatically. Making it easier to search through and giving me the book “The Jazz Image Seeing Music Through Herman Leonard’s Photography by K. Pinson”. I don’t know if this be any use to me untilI actually see the book but it atleast gives me a starting point for a source to look at.

As for the research for Hillfield’s I went through the same process and came up with many media articles and books talking about doctor’s malpractice, attacks and homelessness.


However, the ones that stood out to me was “Making Sense of Community by

Victoria Nash” and “Places Remembered in Hillfields by Hillfields History Group”. As well as the article “Ghost Town by Gareth Smyth”. 


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