For a lecturer yesterday we was introduced to a range of new artists. The artist’s work is set around the idea of the map location based project like the one that I have been asked to do for a project.
Although I have come up with the idea of what I want to do and have my research already found for it. I decided to take a look at this work by:
Joel Sternfeld – On This Site

This project was based on images that didn’t seem to link at first, they had an interesting and creative look but there was nothing connecting them. However, the text supplied with them gave an understanding, it put them into context. These were all places where atleast one life had been taken like the seat Rodney King was sat in or the Black Hills where many Indians had lost their lives in fights such as “The Fight of Little Big Horn”.

Terry Kurgan – Joubert

Here Kurgan focused on a park, where as many as 40 photographers were based as a business like a market. It was in an area seen as being for the deprived Africans who were living in tough conditions locally but for those who could afford it, were encouraged when passing, to have their picture taken by the photographer with the park as a backdrop.

Donovan Wylie – The Maze

For Wylie’s work he looked at a prison 10 miles outside Belfast, The Maze Prison built for terrorist in 1976. It was segregated based on  political beliefs and involvement in organizations. Yet in 2000, now the troubles have calmed down, the prison has been closed but is manned until it’s future is decided. Which gave Wylie an opportunity to document it’s existence. Showing the everyday scenes seen by the inmates and the exact same layout in every single room and of the building throughout the prison.

Peter Fraser – A City In The Mind

Based on a ficticious book “Invisible Cities” by Marco Paulo. Fraser creates an idea of London, his home of recent which he has captured for the last 5 years to create an imagined idea of how London looks. A depiction that is far from the natural look of the place but instead one that he sees from his thoughts.

Suky Best – The Return of The Native

This was a piece that was created through digital media for part of a project. It was based on nature and looked at the form of animals and the landscape. One’s that were once extinct but have now appeared back in the landscape once again.

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark

A familiar scene that has become stereotypical to Great Britain but is especially known to Cardiff, Wales. Is weekends full of binge drinking, drunken revelry, fights, sickness and fancy dress. However, is not something that you see everywhere which has what formed the project for Dakowicz.
Patrick Shanahan – Esperantis

The artist sees his work as being post topographic, it is focused on the urban landscape and the way it is affected by the people around it. Here he looks at locations, mainly the sea-side and shows the affect it has on the landscape when people don’t show any interest in it. This is done through colour film and long exposures so to capture only the still life and hide the people creating the mystery.
Melanie Manchot – Stories From Russia

Manchot’ work is classed as performative portraiture. Here she took images of natives stood in-front of set locations, including iconic ones. So to show what Russia and their people look like even more so being that Russia has a law against photography being done in the country, making the assignment unlawful. Although locals of to 50 people in 20 places were prepared to agree.
Corrine Silva – Imported Landscapes

Another project was Corrine Silva’s work based on imported landscapes, based on the movement of tectonic plates and the landscape it is on. This is incorporated into the work through the project being based around billboards of landscapes set up inside a scenery where it fits in but at the same time is segregated from the rest through to how it is included.
Susan Hiller – From The Freud Museum 

Here the work is based on a museum visit to Sigmund Freud’s exhibition. A person and work that is based on psychology thoughts and in relation to experiences as a child. Miller incorporates this into her work by photographing the object that everyone recognizes alongside something unfamiliar but holds the same outlook and colour as the Freudian object.

Ireland Based
Tristan Huchinson – It Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills

A topogrphic type project based on how the recession is affecting an area in Ireland. The project shows how a community is sat between a natural surrounding, a manual labor business and caught in between politics. So that it has become an area where it is surrounded by hope and prosperity of a business and beauty. Yet at the same time it is down troden by the polotics removing the jobs through closing the business. In tern removing wealth from the area.
Janette Lowe – The Flats Memories

The artist here rented a flat in Pearce House flats in Dublin. Where she spent the time of the project living on the council estate documenting the life the community lead and showing it in a positive light. As compared to how it is usually seen and is generalized. So to show that there is a good side to a council estate living and it is not all bad. This is then enforced more by exhibiting the project in the same flat as where the project was created.

Susanne Bosch – Ourselves Alone

Like with each country, there are features that are renowned for being from there. For example with Ireland, you have shamrock’s, blarney stone, Guinness etc. This was the basis of Bosch’s work. However, here she manually removed the feature from the images that want from Ireland itself.

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller – Alter Bahnof Video Walk

This piece is a video, that is a trick of the mind and reaction. A place where a physical scene is recorded such as musicians in a train station, passers by. In this the camera is moved about at a set time. Only after the viewer can then go to the place and using the footage as a guide to follow they can go by the scene in real time as a reaction and record the same scene themselves. Due to the knowledge of the area the artist is able to predict what is going to happen as a routine.
Sophie Calle – Paris

Here Calle, formed a project around people she found to be interesting. Until she found a person of whom she found so interesting she began following him in an obsessive way until losing him. He was her main focus her unknowing of him, the mystery created by his look, the light and surroundings that helped form a intense image that created questions about the mans identity.
Taryn Simon – An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar

In the age of anything being available, every where you look you see people having what they need and want at hand. Yet not everyone has the features, a minority don’t have access to medicine, entertainment, nature etc. The features are important to the foundations and history of America’s lifestyle. This creates the basis to Simon’s work.

This helped me greatly as I learnt what the idea was of how the work was seen to be created so was able to understand whether my idea would fit in with the brief or not.


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