The Pursuit of Happyness (Film) Review

Having your dreams become reality is something everyone hopes to have happen but how far will you go for it to happen? This is the basis of “The Pursuit of Happyness” a film based around a family from San Francisco.

Here Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith risks his families’ life savings on some bone density machines that calls the end to his marriage. After words with his wife, he is soon reunited with his 5 year-old son, (Will Smith real life son) Jayden Picket Smith. However, the happiness is only short lived as not long after Chris and his son are soon left homeless but he sticks to his unpaid apprenticeship. With a bit of misleading to help him out and resorting to sleeping in the underground toilets when they weren’t able to stay in the shelter. It finally pays off and Chris Gardner is now a billionaire who wrote the book about his life that this film is the adaptation of.

This film is based on the strength of the love between the farther and son and how this is shown on the reel. The way in which it pulls on the heart strings from the strength of the acting and the storyline. Even with the misspelling of “Happyness” in the title something that would annoy anyone in the grammer police or form a stigma over the film. Instead you become warmed to it from it being named after the graffiti on the wall of the little boy’s nursery. Most of all though it enforces the idea of never giving up on your dreams and no matter how bad it gets you can still achieve what your heart desires. The basis of what could be an amazing film!

However, there is still something to let the side down with this it is plainly obvious with the inconsistences that run throughout. The way in which the wife is portrayed as a bad person when she leaves for finding out that her husband has squandered their life savings although she is already working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Chris Gardner is able to walk into a financial job because he makes the interviewers laugh even though he has walked into the interview wearing paint stained clothes after spending the night in the police station. Most of all though the audience is led to believe that a guy who can’t afford to give his son a stable home, who races his son to a shelter each night in the hope of him having a bed is able to afford to buy a new pair of shoes to go with his freshly pressed suit within 24 hours of losing a shoe after being run over.

No matter how much this film had the chance of working, with Will Smith an actor whose names calls respect from his acting.  With the love between farther and son already there and the documentary truth from it’s context. This film seemed as if it had everything going for it. Instead it is let down by the reliance of the context, acting and emotion to pull the story into the realms of the “Shawshank Redemption” with fighting for more. It seems to me as if the creators became lazy and missed out the obvious of reality. Don’t get me wrong the film is good for it’s main focus and worth the watch thanks to the Smith’ family but some of the scenes could have been thought out more to give it credibility.


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