Task 2 Music Event Review Research

Music Event Reviews
After visiting and watching the events I looked to find some reviews based on them. These were both formal for the press and informal for a blog. For the music review I found these examples. However, as the music event I was looking at wasn’t highly advertised I couldn’t find any reviews for it. Due to this I thought of other events that are like it where there would be reviews available.

Formal Press
For the formal press I’ve looked at this piece based on “The West Midlands Introducing stage at the ArtsFest” from the Birmingham Mail.


Here the reviewer has wrote short burst sentences and paragraphs based on a selection of the acts and how the event was ran so to give a sense of an over view of the event explaining what was happening. This gave a sense of who were their preferred acts but did not give much detail about the events logistics so to say for anyone who decides to go to future events.


For A Blog

While in this informal review of the “Godiva Festival”, the reviewer Luke Seagrave has wrote about their experience of the day there was more detail and it was based on the thoughts of what the person had to deal with. In turn meaning it focused more on the fault that had taken over their mood of the event. While also showing a larger look at the different features instead of just one select aspect that had happened. Due to this also being based on a personal response the reviewer also wrote it so to be based more on their understanding through using more expressive words such as meandered and armed to give a dramatic response compared to just focusing on the facts.


From reading these I decided that the two reviews were useful to read but were more informative together. This was due to the review of the Godiva Festival speaking about the whole event, not just the one certain area. Also it gave you the logistics of the event meaning the reader found out the festival had taken place for years and would probably take place the year after. Giving an advertised aspect for the reader if they decided to go in future. As compared to the Birmingham Mail which only focused on the one aspect and told you the location. While the Birmingham Mail gave a more honest outlook due to it being about the event happening and not focused on the downfall of one problem. Although the problem did inform you that there were glitches. This intern means from looking at these reviews not only do I know how to put across my expression of the event but also what I feel should be including in the review as key pieces so that it covers the aspects.




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