How To Write A Film Review

For the film review I feel it will be different to write as this is based on something you watch. A insight into the one side of the story, the characters point of view. So I though a good place to start would be to look to see if there are any guide’s on how to create a review. After spending time looking through pieces which were not helpful or I felt did not give me any information at all I found this piece. A guide if you must on how to write a review.


To narrow it down this guide insight was:

  • Title – catches the reader’s attention
  • Opening Paragraph – Hook that is usually a comment that reflects the reviewers overall opinion.
  • Brief synopsis of the film.
  • Development – Positive review – Usually starts with a brief analysis of the weaker points. Negative reviews start with the strong points first.
  • Analysis and critique aspects of the films

(Director’s concept, design, style of shots/editing, music/sound, special effects, screenplay, place, pacing/development)

  • Reference past films by the director, similar films (good and bad)
  • Specific examples of good and bad moments
  • Conclusion – Sums up the overall opinion
  • Advice to the viewer


This gave me an idea of how to go about writing my review as it meant I had all basis’s covered for what I needed to include the reflection of it would be clear and not all mixed up from one point to another. Plus with these key points it would be easier to read as it will help me get to the point more with expressing my opinion.


Think about the use of language in each and what each approach can offer the reader.


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