Portrait. Depiction of Brief

For the two different portraits, one being the key factor is someone I know. While the other images key factor is someone I don’t know. I have decided to emphasize the facts so that it is clear through my imagery.

Someone I Know

The main key thing to anyone of whom they know is that they are confortable around them and are able to speak to them without feeling awkward as they have an understanding, acceptance and knowledge of what the person is like. Due to this the people are able to be in each other personal space more. This has given me the idea of which to capture a relaxed, natural image of my friend while hanging out with her.

In this image my layout will be set as being a sort of posed but unawares image. Meaning that the subject will be able to see clearly that the image is there and that the camera is in close proximity to them. While at the same time, be seen as being unawares of it being there or playing up to the camera.

In return my image will show what the person is like as a character and the proximity of the subject and myself knowing each other.

Someone I Don’t Know

Where as with someone you don’t know I will be nervous and distant from asking him or her. In return this will also lead to the person being photographed feeling awkward and nervous. Not really being able to capture a portrayal of the person properly as they will be caught off guard. This reason linked in with Bruce Gildens work has created an idea in my head of capturing imagery through quickly photographing people and walking away or capturing an image at a distance while my lens is set up close by using a long focus.  Doing so means I will be able to capture a real portrayal of the person in their own world and unawares.

Later editing the image so that the faces are made darker so to remove their identity yet still kept so that you can barely see them. Consequently making the person become anybody who passes by.


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