Influenced – Music

To help me get through my university work I found that I work better when listening to music. From this I resorted to some old stuff that I hadn’t heard for ages. These were:

Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds

This was based on the tone, the way in which the tune can change from one style to another yet still have the one set theme throughout, like being a dance song with a rock theme. This makes you think about how the art is portrayed.

The lyrics are also encouraging

“when you are telling me,

can you get up off your knees,

are you brave enough to see,

do you wanna change it”

Although you only taking in something that is using one of your sense at the times. You mind is registering it so that it spurs you on to gets through it. Which at times is all you need!

Guns ‘n’ RosesSweet Child of Mine

They’re album Appetite for Destruction is iconic it has a sense of having a good time feel while being grungy and dirty at the same time. It is an album based on iconic songs. This is due to having their own style, the smoothness so that the different features work well together. The mellow-ness from being mainly instrumental so that they don’t run in to what you are thinking and start writing them. It also runs like a poem in many like with Sweet Child o’ Mine, which works well as a narrative and even more so alongside the video. Which uses a set tone so to be uplifting while dark at the same time. It gives a story that means one thing yet at the same time can mean something different to someone else. The imagery is also simplistic so that there is a main feature like with just Slash playing his guitar, in the song it’s just his instrumental and in the video it is just him away from the world. Making it the main focus. Which is key to photography also.

Foo FightersBreakout

This is one of my favorite songs, a song I can relate to. This was due to the person Dave Grohl, the vocalist and main character. Is based on something that I used to be like, someone who was always quiet, never said anything, never spoke to many people as I was too shy. However, like in the song I snapped in the end and thought what’s the point I only live once I would rather been seen as being strange, hyperactive etc and actually enjoy myself be happy being me than care about what others think. From this I grew in confidence and I still am growing. Although at times I do lack confidence it has become clearer even to me that I am now a much happier person who feels more comfortable in myself and around people. Someone who is much happier with their life as it is now more fulfilled as I am prepared to try new stuff and not afraid to jump in feet first with something. However, when I do feel like I haven’t got my full confidence, shy or afraid to try something this video is always available to show me, remind me how it is a sort of reminder that I can do anything and how life is better from it.

Papa roachNo Matter What

A song based on different tempos; here it had a dark sound, a way of fighting through bad times yet sticking together. It is a mellow sounds for them, yet in it the song when reminiscing on the bad times and facing problems it has more of a mellow reminiscent sound. Compared to the fighting being more of an upbeat tempo. This I though was creative and gave me ideas of how I could create set pieces of imagery.

However, what set out most on this album is that being live, they encourage the viewer more I what they do by getting them to join in. A feature I feel is key to getting people interested in your work. They do it though by telling people what to think and how to feel… an interesting feature to use.

LostprophetsIt’s Not The End of The World

A song with key lyrics when after watching the video based on how art needs to link with what is happening at the moment but also make sense n the future. This song reminded me of it. As throughout time, especially recently, after this song and video was created. These words stick out of

“It’s not the end of the world now baby,

So come on dry those tears,

It’s not the end of the world now darling,

But I can see it from here”

Something people say regularly and frequently, too much of sometimes, their world is going to end because something hasn’t gone right for them. It’s like the world is coming to the end because of how dark it has suddenly gone from the weather etc.

Yet as shown in the video, which mimics the 9/11 attacks, the people’s worlds have come to an end and people (the band) still carry on. This made me think of how people on regular basis lose someone/something they love yet still carry on because they have to, because they have strength, it’s the way the world works. Whether it is down to illness or down to someone/something else you have to.  This is something people have always done, do and will do, just like the meaning of art.

The Black Out Boom Shake Shake The Room

No matter how embarrassing some songs can be the tunes are still always good party time songs that make you feel upbeat, energized whenever you need uplifting from what ever is happening.  Just because they always remind you of a good time and due to the feel to them you can’t help but be upbeat and have to join in. This is an impact that I find interesting to include in art. Something I’d like to try in my imagery.


Alongside the old stuff I also heard the new stuff of:

Kids in Glass Houses×300.jpg

Since their last album In Gold Blood, I hadn’t really listened to much of Kids In Glass Houses songs as they wasn’t played so much on the radio. However, when I heard that they had a new song out I decided to buy it as I’m love the different tones that each album seem to hold that I have come to expect with Welsh bands in particular. This was the case with the new song Drive.

The first time I heard them was when they had out the album Dirt out with some of their most known songs on. Yet I got into most when I saw them perform support for Stereophonics around releasing the album as a celebration for the Millennium Stadium being opened in Wales.  This gave them the standards of which I come to expect them to reach, for me to be impressed with their songs.

The new song Drive reached this, starting off with low tone like it was going to be a ballad but hinting at more to come from the enthusiasm in the vocalist’s voice. This lead into a sudden upbeat playing with the instruments and vocals with high-pitched turnings yet still sounding tuneful although different to previous songs. The part that I found most strange yet interesting was how the lyrics seemed to hold a contradictory turn compared to the tune. The lyrics were more of a dark appeal, being harmed and hurt by the one they love. Being in a dark place where they are feeling low and haven’t got anything left to live for. There life is terrible as it can get yet. At the same time the sound was upbeat, hyper and conjured up the image of having a good time at a party, laughing, enjoying yourself with people you love while the song being blasted out the speakers till late. A confusion in the mind of all thee different moods and feeling being felt all at once, a sense of good and bad. Yet at the same time they work well together to create a musical tone.

This I felt worked well together and although is darker compared to the previous albums it encapsulates a lot in one song. Makes me excited to hear the rest of the album.

The Rolling Stones×600.jpg

A legendary band, the Rolling Stones, have been round for many decades now. Most of which they had their songs as being number 1’s and are still classed as being iconic now such as Gimme Shelter and Jumping Jack Flash. Recently though they had a new album GRRR! With the song Doom and Gloom on it, this had much of an anticipated comeback.

The song started off with a in your face outburst by Ronnie Woods guitar, quickly joined by Mick Jagger’s vocal. Tunefully coming together to give a high melodic tone as Jagger speaks of financial implications and how the media only advertise the doom and gloom. Yet all they want is to have a good time and enjoy themselves, not get tied down by the bad stuff.

This I found to be iconic and interesting as it relates to what is going on throughout economy at the moment yet while hearing it. You hear the same strong and tones from Mick Jagger as you do on his past songs when younger. Meaning although it is clear about here and now all you envisage is the band performing the song on stage when being years younger.

This was a nice sound to hear as it meant that although time moves on you could keep that tone and having a good time as you did when young without it going wrong for you. I feel that the song is still of the standards expected and that the Rolling Stones still have that spark that they had when they first reached the heights of their career.


Stereophonics are one of the bands that are underestimated bands in my opinion. Throughout their time they have had many number 1 albums however they are mainly known for their only number 1 single Dakota. I think this is due to them not being classed with all the other songs that they have done and had do well in the charts over their 16-year career. As with each album they have a new tone that always holds a surprise to listeners. This was the same with the new album Graffiti On The Train.

A usually pop sound to the album’s, which has gone darker over time, has reached an all-new level of darkness for them. With a sense of anthemia feel to the sound, a theatrical feel with high influences of James Bond films throughout.

The songs have a sense of mellowness, creates a relaxed feel when listening which adds a haunting chill from the instruments of the band, orchestra and Adam Zindani’s backing vocals plus guitar playing, especially on solo’s. With so much going on it is busy yet not overdone, just enough so that you feel energized yet calm at the same time. Creating a mix of emotions for the listener.

The key part that sticks out to me alongside the sound is the strength of the narrative told by Kelly Jones. The feel of the story conjured up in your head just from the instruments, the feel of sinking on the solo. The actions happening, along with being able to envisage them in your mind from how simple yet clear the story is created that for a few minutes you feel like you are watching a short film

This I feel is another strong album from the band yet although they do musically interesting and creative album. This one feels to me as though it has hit a new level to previous albums as if they are growing from strength to strength so far in their career.

It influences me in how it shows me how effective using a narrative can be, the clearness and captivation it holds. How key the imagination can be as a tool in art and how the different emotions can be combined together to make such strong bold work that is eye-catching whether visual or through sound.

Thirty Seconds to Mars×1200.png

My first introduction to this album was hearing the song Up In The Air that showed a new direction for the band. A song that made me wonder as it took me some time to get into it however after a few listens I was caught by it. Although an introduction to the up and coming album I could not work out what the album would hold. A sense of pop maybe?

No instead it has a sense of darkness from mainly an instrumental, orchestral introduction based on birth of the album. Soon sent into a level of pop, dance song with a rock tone to it. Holding a sort of strength throughout the songs, like they are against a war, taking everything on as an army together. So to combat the bad and make everything good being led by band, fronted by Jared Leto. All of which is told as a story, that are reminiscent of the past but now telling them as looking back and as a story to the followers of how the fight from being lost and not having much to becoming someone, doing something with his life. How he has won a fight set upon many people in their lives.

This is a key album to influencing me as something that is key in 30 Seconds to Mars work is all based on encouraging people to do better to out-do themselves and go as far as they can. It encourages the listener to do better, no matter what life throws at you if you hold onto your faith in yourself and those who you look to you can get through it all. From having nothing to having the world and everyone looking to you. So long as you want something enough you can grab it with both hands, you just need to keep at it and believe in yourself.

When finding new music to listen to I was introduced to “Of Monsters and Men” by a friend, until this point I had not listened to their music as they were not a band who stood out to me. However, as I was looking for new music I decided to give them a chance. From this I found that there music wasn’t as I expected it. I was expecting it to be more of a mellow quiet sound. Instead it turned out to be a lively, upbeat music that had a cheerful affect on me. From this I learnt that the best way to find new styles is from seeking others opinions as it could also impact and that deciding on something from a cover is not the best option.


Although I like going to music events and I have been involved in many gigs. Something that didn’t really didn’t stand out to me was going clubbing. This was due to how music being usually a key source and club scene music being looked down on by music. However, for a friend’s birthday I decided to try this. Instead I found that clubbing wasn’t as bad as I expected. Instead people were more interested in having a good time together and getting along than how the music sounded which was in fact enjoyable. This makes me consider that I should in fact be more prepared to try new things more often.


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