Letter 2

Dear Deana,

I have been busy recently due to the changes in my life. However, I am doing well, there is a lot to get use to but I seem to be doing ok with that luckily. I know I had so much I planned to get done in the space of the year and I have got quite a bit of it done surprisingly.

Photography has taken up a lot of my time both educationally and outside. I tend to be going out doing a shoot close to each weekend if I am able to on top of doing all my assignments. I also have plans for shoots to do in the holiday time these are both locally and a bit further a field. I am doing well! I will soon have an even larger range of imagery to choose from at this rate. This is even better for me as I sometimes have this as a way of meeting up my friends from college if I don’t have much free time.

University is going well also, some of the assignments I have done before so I got to spend more time just working on making them better really. Although there were still some glitches, they are better to what they were before. Also I have learnt some new stuff and try stuff that I haven’t done before plus some lovely cameras.

However, I still manage to have time to enjoy myself and do other things. I am still spending a lot of time involved in music, which is going well with being interpreted into my photography more. I’ve also tried teaching myself to play my guitar. Also I’ve managed to do quite a bit of drawing compared to what I usually do and some graphic design.. I am doing well! So really all is going well.

Other than that I am still into my sports quite a bit but not as much as I had planned to be this past year. Nor have I managed to get back into my drawing but there’s still next year for them to join the list. I have got more into films though and have watched more this past year than in the whole of my life I think. It is fun though.

I still have so much that I plan to do and want to do but I have done quite a bit so far I guess so it’s a good start. Just got to look forward to all the stuff I’ve got coming up. On the bright side though although I wasn’t organized at the beginning, I have become organized at least in this last term. Think it’s due to having little time free compared to usual; it means I tend to be able to focus better. I’m going to stay organized though. Hopefully I will be able to if I try hard enough.

Any way, back to everything I’ve got to do now. Speak soon


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