Product light

For a shoot today I had to find some items that were rough, reflective and smooth so to capture how the light affected them. This is through doing some product photography.

Here we used a table with and without a cove on it plus two Bowens lights, one on the left and one on the right of the items. Here the lights were then altered to higher, mid and low level – to below the table with part of the light shining inline with the items. This created a different mood and shadow on the items.

This gave us these images!ImageImageImageImageImage

So to make more effective the way we wanted them we also used both white and black paper to help reflect the light. This intern gave a set mood to the items.

As well as that we tried the imagery with material items for bases such as a black cotton coat and a leather jacket. This gave us these images.

From this we felt that the black leather worked better with the item as it reflected the light better and had a smooth affect. From using these items it made the perfume inside the bottles more visible with the light and also the light emphasized the colours more. This made these images the strongest when it came to showing the detail of the items.


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