Task 5 – Evaluation

For my assignment I had to look at light and how to use it effectively in imagery. This was through pinhole photography in the darkroom, studio photography and lighting plus location photography.

In return from this I created a range of images that were on location, in the studio with models and products as well as in the darkroom. Alongside creating tests that were both successful and unsuccessful.

This worked well for me as I managed to create some effective imagery and learn new skills with the light alongside learning to interpret the light in different ways so to make the most of it. Another skill I learnt was pre-visualization, as I had never tried this before. So I found it quite helpful.

I did however have set backs; this was both in the darkroom and studio. These were that the images from my first pinhole camera came out small although they did work. So I altered it, this made the box tricky to open without letting light in in return exposing the paper.

While in the studio, I had problems with access as so many people were using it at once meaning I didn’t get to spend much time doing my shoot and was rushed throughout.

To combat this problem with pinhole I decided to split my time over a range of days so to capture each image. I also tried using a change bag that meant I could change the paper while on location without it being exposed. As for the studio, I feel that I should organize my time, so that I use facilities straight away so not to be put off by others.

All in all my images came out well so I was happy with them and I did learn an understanding from new skills. So I am quite happy with the final outcome.


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