Task 4 – Draycote Waters

For my task 4 I visited Draycot waters.

Here I had to get a set of 5 images that represented the area. This was by focusing on the entertainment in the area such as watersports, fishing, birds etc. For this I didn’t really do any research except for what the themes were and what I was allowed to take images of. As it also had to fit their brief of entertainment at the location for their competition.
From this I used my Canon 1000D camera and a standard lens. Here I captured quite a few images but I came up with these 5 as my final pieces due to them being based around the water and scenery which stood out as the main feature of the place.

IMG_0012 IMG_0273 IMG_0353 IMG_0375 IMG_0409

I did enjoy this project as I prefer the location type of photography. However, I did hinder myself when I saw some features that i could photograph. Yet I couldn’t get a close enough image due to the features being to far away for for my standar lens to reach. Althought I am happy with my images in future I will make a point of taking my zoom lens with me also. So that I can reach further distances when shooting.


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