Task 5 – Relook at Easter Task

At the beginning of the assignment I was asked to look at how light could be used in effective ways. From this I came up with a list of ways and artwork that had used this skill effectively. These were quite in depth explanations of light from past knowledge that I had, however after doing my assignment I am now able to add more examples to it of which I have managed to come up with.

As well as being able to come up with ideas in my mind of how I could create the set-ups. So that I can get the suggested light I need. On top of this before I could tell what sorts of light was available and how the light was used. Yet now I can also work out from imagery; for both my research and from imagery to do with things that I enjoy, (such as music booklets) what light is used to create the images. Making me look at the items more closely as it now explains to me more of why I like the image, such from certain techniques that have been used and what I can try out in my work. Meaning that now when I see inspiration from more features than just being I like that and not having an explanation as to why.

When looking back at the images now and my explanation of them, although I could see a lot of what was happening in the imagery. Now I can see more so how the pieces were made to work. Meaning that it gives me new tools to try also instead of just being influenced by them.


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