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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden On BBC4

Tonight I watched a music documentary on BBC 4 that was based on Iron Maiden. Here they spoke about being on tour and having battle through difficulties such as storms in time, so to perform to their fans while also documenting what they were up to through media. This included them having their own private photographer on tour with them who captured their trip. This interested me, as music is the main type of photography that I am interested in. However, with knowledge I have I never considered really how much you have to be on the ball so to get the imagery plus how much you have to think on your feet. In tern from viewing this program I learnt and had my eyes open to the photography and music in a different aspect that would be something I would have not thought about as much before.

FilmsInglorious Bastards

DVD Cover

After watching East Asian films for my assignment, I decided to watch the film Inglorious Bastards directed by Quentin Tarintino. This film was mainly in German but also had parts that were English that added a mix been the two. I found it interesting though as it showed features that made you think about what people had to do to survive such as turning their backs on what they believed. As well as also looking at how people manage to also stay honest to their beliefs.

The most interesting part that stood out to me with this film though was that how whenever looking at history or being taught it. It is mainly shown as what was happening in Germany at the time and how they dealt with it with the exception of artifacts such as Anne Frank’s diary. However, the film portrayed the Jewish standing up for them selves.

Fight Club

DVD Cover

Some of the most interesting films have been one’s that make no sense at first or you have to watch a few times so to make sense of it. One of these films being Fight Club, a film based on fighting or so it seems! The main fight in this is theoretical; it is based on fighting your own demons. Having a split personality, not being strong enough to lead, be individual, think for yourself so you turn into a sheep and get lost in the crowd, end up in trouble and hurt people.

This is key in society everywhere these days as so many are based on following the trend and fitting in instead of being themselves. Just so they will be accepted as people who dare to be different are shown to be weird like Lady Gaga. However, this film focuses on the elephant in the room. They tackle the issue of having a hidden illness such as hearing voices and tackling them. Although the film is based on theoretical behavior throughout, in the end it all comes clear as this being the main problem behind it all. When the issue is tackled the truth comes out and the loved one stays close. Showing that having a hidden illness is something that shouldn’t be hidden from the one’s you’re close to as they will still see you and see it through to the end with you. No matter what your mind tells you will happen.

Italian Job

An interesting piece of art to watch is the original film Italian Job, with economics being the way they are at the moment with year in year out being a recession. The film although one of the greats relates to the time of now, again like art’s meaning. However, it focuses on a way of Britain being strong that they can get through it by people working together, probably not by following the same route as the characters in the film. However, the film looks at the recession in a humorous way and focuses on the portrayal on how important countries are. This is through interesting shots of different angles, length but the part that sticks out is the colours. How throughout a typical bank heist film, it holds such a high patriotic feel with some of the most inventive catch phrases used everyday. Showing more of a respect and love for a country although it isn’t doing well the people are still proud to belong.


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