Research Task

From this lecture I then decided to look at Richard Mosse’s book “Infra”.

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In this the theme was of how the war, death and gun crime are affecting the people and their area. This being not only the elderly but also the young who are being made to do things such as murder that can have implications for the rest of their life on both the mind and livelihood. These images are also created with the idea being set of this behavior being known from these countries. However, he throws a twist in through the book of how this behavior is so wide spread, from doing landscape images that resemble capillaries and blood cells plus having a resemblance of a map. In turn showing that these actions are throughout the world including locally to the viewer of the imagery.

This reminded me of Steve McCurry’s work, as he also does work based on the theme of Asian countries that are affected by war and gun crime. However, instead he looks at both aspects of war and celebrations.INDIA-10720 PERU-10027_2

The similarity though being straight to the point of children wanting to indirectly commit suicide through playing with weapons to showing images of celebration and faith such as with the red paint that also resembles death and hurt. Bringing back to the foreground how so many people are affected by the war in that area that the scene resembles a massacre. In both these sets of work a similarity is also that of how the use of colour is saturated and bold, especially that of red and purple enforcing the blood and disease.

From then searching the library I found the book Where Three Dreams Cross, 150 Years of Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This book is based on looking at celebrations, everyday happenings, socializing, and families. Plus how run down and dangerous the areas are compared to other parts which have wealth. This book is mainly a catalogue of different artists work and a representation of 150 years worth of history being brought together. Through using this book I was introduced to other artists work that I had never looked at before and in some cases didn’t know about.


Doing so introduced me to Pushpamala N.’s work. This is mainly described as performance photography and holds an atmospheric and sinister feel. However, unlike with the other artists who enforce how the war and gun crime are affecting the community and people. Pushpamala N. documents dances like with Untitled Mumbai 2000 – 2003 Bombay Photo Studio, Navarasa Suite (Raudra).

This was the piece that stuck out to me, as it resembles each the previous artists work through a different form of art by showing a dancer; dancing with sharp, dirty knives for entertainment. This piece I felt was effective as an object classed with war, guns and harm is being used as a prop for entertainment purposes. Meaning the viewer sees a dancer and then realizes there is also danger in the image.


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