Task 3 – Digital Images

For task 3 I was asked to create a shoot containing 5 images using studio lighting. For this I decided to think of different ways of capturing imagery, from this I came up with doing my shoot based on:

·      Head shot

·      Full body shot

·      Items

This is so to show different perspectives of a person. The face of the person, a full body shot that shows their fashion and the attitude towards society through their appearance. As well as items that mainly represent the person so to show more of their interests instead of just a guess of what they are like.

From this I decided to do some research to help influence my shoot. Here I started with headshots! This led me on to finding:

Rankin looks at using a high use of white light against a white model and a white background with a feature that brings out the main subject. Here he is using a pink flower in the mouth to bring the eye to the lips. This takes away the detail of the person as well as takes the eye to and away from the focus at the same time. This I find to be inventive and a clever use of white light however it’s not successful against light make up in my opinion. However, the way in which the light is used is something for me to consider I feel. 


Diane Arbus

These images hold a high use of shadow that creates a separate identity, a feminine identity compared to the actual subject being photographed so to show a different perception. The artist also uses a high use of contrast between black and white so to show a masculine appeal and a perception of two sides in one place. The concept of the image is key to me and is what attracted me to the image due to it capturing the perception of a person doing a past time. Yet also holds an outlook to the image where it shows a different side to a person.


Clifford Coffin

This work is based around a set theme and tries to give an impression of happiness and comfort. This is mainly to give a warm summery feel but without anything distracting the viewers attention away from the clothes. The outlook of the image though is bright and posed. However, the high use of white with sharp direct light stands out to me as it portrays more about the person and their persona alongside the fashion.



Arthur Elgort work is based in black and white taking away the detail of what the area is like. Instead this makes you focus on the subject and their behavior. However, when you see the image due to the stereotyped outlook of America, the colour appears in the image through the mind. His work though is mainly based on location and is based around natural light. He also looks at getting the model to work with the camera yet at the same time having them at a distance by either looking away or having their eyes hidden. This implies more of a feel that the person is set in their surroundings more than take into consideration that they are being photographed, giving more of a natural response. Which I feel is an interesting characteristic to hold in an image.


Yousef Karsh

Here Karsh focuses on a head and shoulder shot with a high use of darkness, this adds a set tone to the image. As the colour works along side the expression of the subjects face as it adds a sense of superiority and sternness to the image. In doing so gives an outlook of what the person is like which is what attracted me to the work. The image also tends to give a time through the clothing worn as it implies a cold ness also adding to a distance with the viewer. This is also made to be grittier through the graininess and greys used giving dirtiness to what is a clean cut took to the image.


Yasumasa Morimura

This image is a basic headshot with no action behind, just a white background to take the image straight to the point of being about the subject. Here the stance shows superiority and the outlook of a leader going into battle alongside the uniform. Yet the outlook and closeness shows more of an intimacy to the person than an outlook of being a fighter throughout. This gives more of a depth as it makes you consider the person than just what is first known. Which is an outlook that I find interesting.


Thomas Ruff

Ruff’s work is based on headshots that are set out like passport images. These are mainly created through white backgrounds and direct light that lights up the background that is a distance from the subject. Intern not creating and shadow or highlight on the subject. This makes the viewer create a perception by the subjects clothing and hairstyle. I find this interesting as it informs you of the person yet hold a privet sense to them at the same time.


Ken O’ Hara images are cropped in on the face so to be set around the mouth, eyes, eyebrows and nose. These images are also in black and white so to remove information about them such as their ethnicity. Doing this has meant the person has their identity yet any knowledge about them is removed. So that the only perception made of them is through their face. Here you have to focus on the tones, eyes and age detail to be able to make an opinion of the person. This I find interesting as in todays, day and age it is based mainly on what someone’s fashion is like rather than the person themselves.


Afterwards I found these artists when researching images for body shots. In particular I decided to research fashion photographers for this shoot.

patrick demarchelier

This imagery focuses on a full body hot and although it looks at creating a gritty sexual outlook to the fashion. It also looks at trends and using the tones of the clothing to work alongside the light, intern emphasizing how import the clothing is. The light used is also based around that of a honeycomb so to draw the eye to the set feature so to enforce the authority. I fee4l this is a creative a clever trick to try so to enforce importance in an image.


Philippe Halsman project “Jump” uses a direct light so to capture a high key light to enforce the impression of excitement of happiness that is felt when someone jumps. He also keeps a distance to so that he can capture the whole person when they jump intern taking into account pre-visualization. This does make the work feel more distant yet at the same time gives an impression of what the person is like from how they respond to the title of the project. I feel this is the main influence on my work when it comes to looking at light.



Nick Knight looks at silhouettes in his imagery. This is due to him being a fashion photographer so wanting the main focus to be the clothing. This is by putting the model in black intern taking away her identity yet keeping the outfit in colour so that it shows the importance of the outfit. Here he also uses high key lighting with a white backdrop so too look at the contrast between opposite colours as his work is mainly black and white yet it is in colour. Intern this also makes the person stand out more and points out the impression by the outfit. In this work though there is also a bold statement shown, of that an impression is made through the clothes.


Finally I researched still life artists for the product images so to consider ways in which to set up the images, lighting and how to make the images effective.


Sudek uses original location set-us compared to a studio outlook so to add more authenticity in the images. Here it creates more of a documentary honest feel although holding a set-up out look at the same time. This work also holds authenticity through the use of natural light. The importance of which is emphasized by how the item is placed in a location where the light is strong and key. The natural outlook though I feel is more interesting as it makes the imagery feel more honest.


Willy Otto Zielke creates a macro outlook to his images so that there are no extra surroundings included in his images. He also focuses on the tones and textures of the images. Doing this means that even though the image is set up from a studio set-up. It doesn’t make the image less authentic as the background isn’t taken into consideration as much as it would be usually. This I find interesting as instead of looking at the full image you instead look at the features of it like with showing a portrayal of the person (the theme of the brief).ook


charles ward

This work holds a honest look to it however it also strongly points out that the images are staged through the strength of the lighting and how the items are placed. However, they are still interesting as they are kept in their original location of a kitchen, barn like area making them more authentic. This makes the images more appealing. They are though let down in my opinion of how the detail is let down through the high use of direct lighting which is too strong for the subject. So it has led to the image becoming washed out in parts.

 From this I’ve decided to look at one person and capture imagery of them as a headshot, posture and fashion plus key items. The images are going to be shot using a light under the table, softboxes and  direct lighting. This will be two soft boxes for the person and one for the products. I am also thinking of altering the lighting so to give a different depth to the image. Along with showing two sides of the person.

These are my images.
IMG_0721 IMG_0697 IMG_0692 copy IMG_0666 IMG_0662



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