Hair light

As a task today I was asked in a group to create an image with and without a hair light, through the use of studio equipment. For this we used a white backdrop, exposure meter, two Bowens’ lights as front lights and a Bowens light as a backlight. Plus a honeycomb or bear head and two reflector boards as well.

So to create the hair light, we then lit a model with the bear head with one light having higher power than the other on the front light. Then a back light, these were each lit through the exposure meter, which flashed when the shutter release was pressed.

This made the hair have a shine to it compared to the rest of the person. Doing so worked better with wilder and darker hair than someone with lighter hair.

We also tried this with the light on in the backdrop that gave more of a glow around the hair and a warm feel than capturing the image without the light on.

These are the images that we captured.



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