Task 2 – Pinhole

For my second task I have been asked to create 2-4 images of empty spaces. For this I decided to look for inspiration for my imagery. This was by looking at:

Roger Fenton’s, The Valley of the Shadow of Death

shows a road that is covered in live cannonballs during the Crimean War. Here it shows emptiness yet holds a sorrow due to how desolate the area is. It also holds an honest look from the place looking undisturbed yet the context shows a horrible danger at the same time. This piece didn’t really influence my work however I thought it was key to look at due to the way in which the artist uses empty spaces.

David Spero, Settlement Project

was based on looking at places that have been used for living which are not like the usual industrial life this so to show a different aspect to what people see. These I find interesting as the imagery captures a natural look, which holds an unusual aspect and more of documentary, feel to the work. However, although this imagery doesn’t influence my work the aspect interests me and will be something I’ll look at for future work.

However, I decided to look for other ideas of how I could create my imagery. This was by walking around my local area and seeing what jumped out at me as being strong images. This led me on to doing some more research that was key to my imagery. From this I found work by:


Aldrick is mainly a wedding photographer, however he also done documentary work of places that are abandoned. Which is what caught my eye, as not only did he light imagery that caught an atmospheric affect, he used natural light for it. They were in places that people don’t usually see holding a beauty but instead more of run down. However, from working with the light and the simple composition, these places were instead turned into a room that had its mystery and history jump out at the viewer’s imagination. While the darkness also held the past away at the same time so to make you feel like you was looking into the unknown. From this I felt the work was really effective and made me look more through his collection of art.


Another artist I found was someone was Nicks Photo Walks someone who does photo walks. This artist creates his work in digital, although when I looked at his art of places with empty spaces. I found that through the way he sets-up his imagery and portrays the light. The image forms a history which resembles olden days around early 1900’s or later. This I found interesting and although it is done with digital I feel an interesting characteristic to hold in the work.


Finally I also found imagery by someone by the name of Electric Jonny who was on Deviant Art who uses different cameras, including pinhole, for photography as a past time. This imagery I feel is the main influence on this project for me. As he managed to capture imagery that could be of many local areas! Yet through the way in which he captured the imagery he managed to give the image more of a vintage feel that looked as though it had a worn out feel which I feel goes well with the idea of empty spaces. In many of the imagery also the work also gained a sort of notion where although it was empty you could imagine the history of warm summer days, with laughter and enjoyment happening. However, with time moving on the places and memories were fading into the darkness and past. This imagery I liked as when I looked around my local area I could relate to this.

From this I decided to visit my local park where I used to go when I was a child. This I thought was effective as I feel that pinhole imagery hold a sense of memory and fading away through the detail in the imagery. Which is just like the park as it is usable and safe to go. Yet not many people tend to go their or taken their family/children there as it has been tarnished by vandalism. This intern leaves the playground having a look of being there waiting to be used as entertainment and having the laughter heard there like it was before.

From this I used a metal impulse tin. This stopped light from being able to get into the tin and exposing paper. This is the tin I used.
IMG_0004  IMG_0003

I then turned to processing my images. Which I came up with these as my final outcomes. I also tried to capture an image of the park from the moving roundabout. Although it didn’t work as I had hoped it still came out well.IMG_0002

I then decided to present these in a black box so to represent the pinhole camera. I also put tissue paper inside to give more of a cherished item feel and to keep it secure a ribbon. These were in a yellow colour so to go along with the manual cover.IMG_0001IMG_0005


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