Pin Hole

So to make my pinhole camera I used:

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Pot

Gaffer tape

Sewing Needle

Spray Paint

I first used the scissors to push a hole into the center of the card tub.


Next you spray paint the tub – here it has already been done but this has to be done inside especially so not to allow light to bounce or reflect around the tub.

After you stick the paper into the tub. This has to be done in the darkroom otherwise the paper will be exposed.

Finally you add gaffer tape around any areas that may allow light in so to stop the light from getting in. Also add an extra piece over the aperture so to create a shutter.


This could leave you with images like these depending on the depth of field between the aperture and paper and if the camera works.

The images that are mainly white are also my negatives while the ones that are mainly black is my positives. Images that I created from my negatives by placing the negative on top of of a blank piece of paper, under a glass plate before exposing light on to it for a certain amount of time determined by a test.
IMG_0001 2

As pinhole is based on trial and error it can be tricky. To make things easier it is key to make a record sheet. This is the one that I created based on notes from my different shoots. This tells me what the settings were, what worked and what didn’t.


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