Task 1

For my first task I have been asked to create a manual based around the lighting for the module “Working With Light”. This is so that it is of help to others learning how to use the light itself and equipment in future, to also if I need to relook over key aspects in the future.

For this I found examples of manuals that I thought would be key to influence my design.

From this I have used the one that I have with my camera that is set out as a small book but is neatly packed together. It also has imagery and a large amount of text. I feel though that there is too much text available in it, so I didn’t tend to read it when working out how to use my camera. Although the detail in the imagery and layout I feel is quite effective as it gives a tidy and understandable outlook to follow for those who do read it.


Others that I have found on the Internet though include features such as this one of the flip video quick start guide. This I believe would be folded up into a Constantine so to make it more compact. This I think is the most successful way as they can be tricky to fold back up and don’t always close up properly.

However I do also like this one, as the layout is neat and clear. Plus is effective with how extra circles are added so to show a close up feature and a distant view showing where the features can be found. That way it is easier to navigate around the features. The amount of writing is also minimal so there isn’t too much information to take in, so I would be able to glide through the information easily if I wasn’t able to understand the images. Plus a key feature that stood out was the amount of white space, which made the images and information look more spacious and better on the eye. For these reasons I mainly prefer this type of manual.

 imagesCA654BQ2 copy

This manual I found is the common look for how PlayStation manual layouts are. I find it to be effective in the way in which it is laid out with the main image being laid out over two pages so to be more spacious. Also the amount of information is also easy to take in like with the previous manual. Yet this is where the preferences stop as I am put off viewing it through the colour and size of the text. As compared to the space around it the text is to small to read when in comparison with the colour. This is due to the colour blending into the background and the background being too busy for my liking as the clouded part draws me to it more than the console does. For it to be viewable I would say either use a lighter background otherwise brighter and larger text.


An instruction manual I don’t like though is this type where it is based on text. As when I first see this I tend to put it down instead of reading it due to it being information overload. This sort is also more off putting by the use of columns meaning that you have to read across and down while taking in a load of text at the same time.


The one that stood out to me the most though was the cartoon health and safety examples that I found. This was due to me being able to recognize the characters straight away, adding more of a connection with what was being shown. These were also more memorable as the bright colours and actions made it more eye catching and meant that I had took more information in. The layout being based on an A4 sheet with a small amount of colour and bold yet simple images also added to it being easier for me to view. As it had a good size to it so it was easier to see and although there was a lot of information taken in it was through a minimal amount of stuff to register.

From this I decided to go for the idea of setting it out like a sketchbook and printing it in the style of vintage magazine. So to add extra force though I’ve decided I will use card as my covers and print my text through the use of paint. So to link in with the cover but I thought it would link more with a neat style type writing like with a professional diary.  However, from using the paint it reminded me of the Kids In Glass Houses In Gold Blood album cover. This gave more of a creative outlook so that it was more of a sketchbook style than a portfolio outlook.

Then inside I kept the style neat so that it was in half for text and half for images. This made it more spacious to view. The different layouts of pages also made it more interesting to view than having the same look repeated throughout.
From this I got my final manual. This is my PDF version.
manual almost finished
This is also the covers to my physical copy.
IMG_0001 3

In the end I added a red strip cover so to hold the book together as there was too many pages for me to bind without getting in a mess.


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