Introduction To The Studio

As an introduction to the module I was introduced to the studio equipment. This was by being shown how to use the equipment for those who had never used it before while for those who had got to practice with it. With this the introduction included

How to set up a light

ImageHere the light is set on to a tripod by screwing the light and it adjustment knobs, round til the light is fitted tightly and securely. These knobs are also used to adjust the height and direction that the light is directed.



Putting reflectors away

imagesCAFWX2UWThe reflectors are a circulatr disk of material that direct a light to where you want it to be and removes shadow in return. These are simple to set up as when they are pulled out of their coil they spring into their full shape. However, the trickey part is putting it away. This is through folding the reflector in the center and then  folding, one side towards you other side away from youand draw them together.


Exposure Meter

To use an exposure meter you have to set the ISO to the setting you will be using. Then you hold the meter in the area that holds the most perdominant lighting or shadow. Here you press the top button on the side which takes a shoot. This will capture a range of settings that can be used to get the best quality image for the location. Here you scroll through the settings using the arrows on the side below the selection button so to get the settings suitable.


Puting an umberella on a light

ImageTo connect an umberella you have to slot the metal bar through a small hole. Here you can then tighten the knob so to keep the umberella in place. The umberella also has to be pointed towards the light so that it can be connected, being placed like this also diffuses the light.


Fitting a soft box up

IMG_0202Another trickey piece of equipment is a lightbox this if fitted over the light like a lampshade however it is hard to place together. For this you have to slide the metal rods into the metal circle while slotting them through the black material outercase. Once all four are in place the shape of the softbox will be formed and steardy. To the left is an image of what this will look like. Next you slot the box over the light and lock it in like with a lampshade. Followed by adding a smaller piece of white material (a diffuser) in the middle through the use of velcrow. This is then finished by adding another white piece of material on the front which will be velcrowed onto the black border piece. Another smalle3r piece is also used to cover in the back opening around the metal ring. This keeps all light locked in the box and only allows light to escape through the front piece of material.

This I knew how to do as I have pre3vious knowledge of the items. however, I also found it useful as some items can be trickey to get a hang of properly.


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